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Supported GMRS repeaters:

Alliance 575: 462.575; PL 141.3; location: See Simulcast Map 

Participating GMRS repeaters:

click on the map to view repeater details
(the Alliance logo locations are currently simulcast with the exception of the Beta 625)

repeater sites 1.30.24.PNG

note: 'Supported' repeaters (Alliance logo) were developed and are fully supported directly by the

NYS GMRS Alliance. The repeaters listed as 'Participating' (red pins) are privately owned and operated. The owners of the 'participating' repeaters have given the NYS GMRS Alliance permission to list them on our website and encourage their use. The NYS GMRS Alliance is not responsible for the operation or compliance of those repeaters and the terms and conditions of use of the 'participating' repeaters is retained by the actual repeater owners.  

net news: (subject to change)

Monday's 7:00pm; Alliance 575 (462.575, ctcss tone 141.3)
Wednesday's 8:00pm; MC600 (462.600, ctcss tone 167.9)
Thursday's 8:00PM; COVERT 725 (462.725)

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