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Pathway to the Air Waves

The opportunity to monitor the General Mobile Radio Service frequencies is open to anyone. However, if you want to fully participate in two-way communications you must apply for and be granted a GMRS operator license through the FCC. Unlike HAM radio, GMRS does not require an exam to receive your GMRS license or call sign. In this section we will walk you through the process.

Do you need to learn the basics about GMRS? Check out this short introduction video.


Step 1

Apply for a FRN through the FCC website click the button

Step 2

Apply for a GMRS license by providing the FRN from the previous step. The service that you are applying for is listed as ZA-GMRS 


Make the most of your GMRS journey by joining the New York State GMRS Alliance and receive the full benefits of membership. The NYS GMRS Alliance is committed to supporting it's members and providing enhanced communication opportunities.

Key up on the mic and join in..! 

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