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A membership in the
NYS GMRS Alliance is only $25/year 
(plus $2 NYS sales tax for a total of $27)

and it provides you with the following services and benefits:

  • Open and transparent communication the NYS GMRS Alliance leadership team and the Alliance members

  • Accountability with the Alliance’s finances and infrastructure investments

  • Easy access to and expedient response from the Alliance leadership team

  • Annual Officer/Director elections (Alliance members only)

  • A summary of the regularly scheduled Alliance Officer/Director meetings (Alliance members only)

  • Listings of supported and participating GMRS repeaters (Alliance members only)

  • Active Facebook page to help keep members connected with Alliance activities

  • A dedicated telegram group for member discussions on radios, antennas, transmission line, programming and other radio topics (Alliance members only)

  • Member generated ‘how to’ videos on the website

  • Radio related sell/buy/swap virtual store (Alliance members only)

  • Professional quality service personnel for Alliance operated repeaters to ensure proper maintenance and timely repairs. 

  • Careful planning and preparation to minimize system downtime

  • A commitment to upgrade and expand the local GMRS radio infrastructure as finances and opportunities allow


NYS GMRS Alliance membership Terms & Conditions
(read before filling out a membership application)

  • The membership fee must be paid in full to be considered and remain a member in good standing

  • A member must abide by the FCC rules for the General Mobile Radio Service (GMRS)

  • A member must only use the GMRS frequencies for personal, recreational, travel, alternative and/or emergency purposes in a responsible manner 

  • A member must demonstrate proper courtesy and conduct when using or interacting on the 'Alliance' participating repeaters, Facebook page, telegram, email or any other 'Alliance' communication platforms

  • A member must not share 'Alliance' specific information (frequencies, PL’s, correspondence, personal contact info or any other sensitive information) with non-'Alliance' members

  • A member must be a good steward and an even better ambassador of two-way radio communications

The NYS GMRS Alliance retains the right to terminate the membership of any individual who fails to abide by the NYS GMRS Alliance membership terms and conditions as defined here and in the by-laws

A full copy of the NYS GMRS Alliance Constitution/By-Laws is available in the members only 'Resource' section

Become a member and get connected...

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